Rubber Hunter

Rubber Hunter The high seas are a dangerous, filled with limpet stars, torpedo ducklings and the fearsome Sharkhan, the great white tiger shark. Only bravest sailor will survive these waters. Rubber Hunter is a 3D sailing First person shooter for mobile platforms. Navigate, hunt the enemies with your missiles and collect gold to upgrade your ship.
Jam year: 
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Coding and Developing:

Ilya Radu

Ilya Shusterman

Ori Harish


3D Modeling Team (Daniel’s Angels):

Danielle Chen-Gal

Shay Mishali

Leon Kaushalsky

Itay Rotshtein


Sound Effects:

Geva Hason (Player 2 Studio)

Ben Kiryati (The Fishtank Studio)


Game Design:

Ori Harish


Special Thanks:

The Israel Game Jam 2017 Team and the Jaffa Museum 

Game Stills: