TLDR: Navigate an unusual team consisting of a rat and a toast through a dark level. Visualize your level using sound sources. /// The awesome story (more specifically one level) of a blind, mute rat named "Udolfo" and his companion: a toast named "Roggen". Bound together by fate they are not able to survive without each other. Since the rat is blind, but has developed an extremely good sense of hearing over his years of blindness, he is able to see by using something that comes close to an echo sounder. "Roggen", who is unable to walk on his own, needs to be carried by "Udolfo" and helps him navigate - by being tossed against walls and creating sound. This enables the rat to "sense" the objects around him.
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Local Lore
MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Installation Instructions: 

just start the Unity executable


Felix Köcher ♦ Richard Schott ♦ Sebastian Würtz ♦ Andreas Hergert ♦ Sebastian Pauli ♦ Sabine Huschke ♦ Joscha Wülk ♦ Markus Schmieder ♦ Fabio Gimmillaro