This years theme is "WAVES". We imagined "WAVES" as "VIBRATION", then "to Shake something" at final. We created a game in which, the player controls cute robot and bring "COKE" to girl who is waiting very far place. This is web based game focused on smartphone platform. In this game, player ask to shake his/her smartphone to make COKE explosion and gain energy to flying from one Island to anothers. Shake your smartphone to gain energy then tilting your smartphone to controll robot's passway direction. This game also have VR player mode as multi-player play. With this mode, player see robot's sight in game environment. We promise, you will definitely have fun by shaking your smartphone!
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Play Canvas
Technology Notes: 
This game was created by PlayCanvas which is the web-based 3D game engine. The main technology is based on HTML5/JavaScript and Web-GL

Team: "Poverty Extortion"

Leader :津田 良太郎 Ryotaro Tsuda

Super Visor  :鈴木 久貴 Hisataka Suzuki

Programmer Genesis :林 祐貴 Yuuki Hayashi

Programmer :三澤 裕樹 Hiroki Misawa

Programmer :高橋 隆也 Ryuya Takahashi

Web Programmer :遠藤 崇 Takashi Endo

Graphic Designer :高部 有煕子 Yukiko Takabe

Game Designer :藤澤 佳記 Yoshiki Fujisawa

All rights reserved to all of our member, excepting music and sound resources. 

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