Resonance Fist

Resonance Fist is a "score attack" game, in which you try to reach the highest score without running out of energy. HOW TO PLAY: Arrow keys to move, Space bar to punch. Resonance Fist is also the character controlled by the player. Hitting yellow robots yields energy. Hitting purple aliens increases score. Each punch that hits a yellow robot in time with the Resonance Drive (indicated by the red dot in the spinning wheel above the character's head) not only increases energy, but also increases future energy gain, as long as the player keeps the rhythm. The bar at the top of the screen indicates the energy accumulated by Resonance Fist. If energy drops to zero, the game ends. Each time the energy reaches its maximum value, all enemies on the screen explode for extra score.
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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GameMaker (any product)
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On Windows, just run the executable file in the Release folder. It might work with Wine on Linux, but I haven't tested.


Resonance Fist was created by Ricardo Nakamura

Uses the fonts Linux Libertine and Liberation Mono
(both converted to bitmap glyphs)
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