Pulse Wave: Revenge

– Voted “Best Game” at the Global Game Jam in Turin! – A Couch Asymmetric Competitive Multiplayer Game. Reach for the center to squash other players with powerful blast waves. Stay in the center as long as you can to score higher than others. Steal the center to other players to send back them to the external ring. The walls can’t protect you, but you can use them to slow down your fall. Be the best player when the time ends!
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Crowd Control
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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The Jam version MUST be played in exactly 8 players!
Two players share the same controller using an analog stick and a button LB/RB each one.

How to play

Share a controller with a friend.
Every player uses the analog stick and a bumper (LB/RB on Xbox controller).

Move your player with the analog stick.
When you conquer the center move the pointer with the analog stick and unleash the wave with LB or RB.


Matteo Benedetto

Federico Boccardo

Andrea Colombo

Marco Lago

Stefano Mauri

Nicolas Mihoc

Valeriu Moraru

Marco Murgia

Maurizio Nigro

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