Online Jet Ski Arena

This is a game made from scratch and all are made in Global Game Jam. The main subject is fighting on water waves using sound waves as weapon. You are playing the game on a jetski which you can customise its color and choose one of eight colors. You will fight against other real people or against artificial intelligence. You can play the game on cross platforms such as Windows and Android. You use UI buttons in Android devices and mouse and space key. You need to protect yourself from other jetskies. All are your enemies. They respawn when you kill them. The aim is to make the highest killer score. It has 4 languages you can play with like Turkish, English, German, French. You can change the main colors of game to black and white if you have a problem with your eyes. It is a cartoon low poly game that you can play on low-quality devices. Enjoy your play.
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The colour and the shape
Public information
Crowd Control
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used Unity to make the game and Photoshop for designing game UI's. For sounds we used AudaCity. We developed multiplayer mode with Photon.

Ahmet İkbal Adlığ

Kadir Danışman

Yusuf Demir

Yakup Emre

Enes Kaan Boyar

Buğrahan Sönmez

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