Become one of the elusive Tibetan monks as he embarks on a spiritual journey, incantate a mystic mantra that gives you a power of flight and make your way through a dark cave. Ommmmmm is the ultimate conjunction of mantra karaoke and endless runner. Gameplay: (Microphone is essential to play Ommmm.) Direct the monk to avoid obstacles by saying "A" for up and "U" for down.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product), Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
The game utilises both unity and unreal engine communicating with each other to run, unity creates the back end interpreting the audio and feeding the data to unreal running the front end project. Due to the audio frequency based controls the game can be played using a range of different musical instruments as well as voice and was tested and proven playable on a violin.
Installation Instructions: 
  1. Unzip the file
  2. Make sure your microphone is correctly connected
  3. From the folder, run the "MonkBackEndUniversal" file first
  4. Minimalize the program
  5. With that running in the background run the "Ommm" file from the "Ommm" folder
  6. Enjoy the the game!
  7. To close use the in-game exit and close the back end program manually
  • Dariusz Ruta – programming and system maintenance
  • Filip Kwapisz – programming and design 
  • Jakub Duchniewicz – programming and audio
  • Mateusz Dragwa – 2D art and audio
  • Michał Chmielewski – 2D art and UI
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