A simple 8-bit rhythm game, in which an unfortunate soccer fan tries to escape from the rival team's fans area without being noticed, while riding the (Mexican) wave with them and following the beat. Press and hold the keyboard arrows to follow the coreography and try to keep up!
Jam year: 
Chipping In
Lost library card
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
Made using Pico-8 game engine.
Installation Instructions: 

Extract the game from the zip file, and open the .html file.

Browser needs to support HTML5 and JavaScript for it to be able to play.


Programming - Daniel Augusto, Carolina Herbster

Art - Tito "T6ito" Marques

Music - Ismália Santiago, Heitor de Aquino, Mariana Fontenele

Management - Henrique Araújo


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