Oil Rush

In this 2D aquatic adventure, you play as a loving sea goddess who has her powers locked by a wicked and slickly oil god. With her powers bound to a cursed ball and chain, and her temple under attack by his evil influence, you must traverse platform by platform using a series of water streams, all the while knocking oil drums out of her domain using shock-waves from her descent . Save her kingdom and show the oil god that it is not just powers that maketh a goddess! Water you waiting for? Cannonball right in! How To Play!!! -Move: Press Left and Right Arrow Keys -Glide: Press Up Arrow Key -Reset: Press R Key
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Run .exe in source


Green Productions

Lead Programmer: Tomas Abrams

Physics and Mechanics: Tomas Abrams

Promgramming: Jon Davis, Tomas Abrams

Writing and Story: Paris Terry

Level Development: Jon Davis, Jeffrey Abhsie

Lead Art Design: Sam Biuso

Character Design: Sam Biuso

Character Concepts: Sam Biuso, Tyler Hanson, Jaquon Desso

Character Animation: Sam Biuso

General Animation: Tomas  Abrams

Backgrounds and Setting: Sam Biuso

Objects and Assets: Sam Biuso, Jeffrey Abhsie, Andre Griffin

Musical Composition: Andre Griffin

Musical Performance: Andre Griffin

Sound Effects: Andre Griffin



Global Game Jam


Music Maker Jam

Adobe Photoshop

ArtRage Lite

Special Thanks to

Aziztitu "Azee" Murugan

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