Note Boy: Sad Jazzter's Castle

Sad Jazzter stole your saxophone. Go to Circus Mountain and solve the rhythmic riddles of Coltraine Castle! A game about waving at dancing doors to jazzy tunes.
Jam year: 
Another way in
Chipping In
Lost library card
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, SDL
Technology Notes: 
Custom built engine (Trite Engine) + SFML, Photoshop, Logic Pro X, 1/5th full HD resolution ;)
Installation Instructions: 

Double click on the file thingy.

You can play with XBOX 360 controller or keyboard (C key and V key for A button and B button on controller)


Game Design: Sebastian Becker & Chris Köbke
Art: Sebastian Becker
Code: Chris Köbke
Music: Chris Köbke (


powered by Trite Engine and Trite Games

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