Welcome to the world of Lights! Living between the neon ads and street lights, lives a restless hero who protects all the photons: LightBoy! Our hero, armed with his unique abilities and equipment, The Reset Gun Buster (or R.G.B for shorts), a Cannon that can shoot his self-produced waves of light, created by his special body: The W.A.V.E Armor (Wave Amplificator of Vast Energy). It's a special vestiment with the capacity to store high-frequency waves and change the frequency of itself causing a Light Shift, allowing him to control and shoot projectiles of light that normalize anomalies in the neon world that he lives. But what he fights against, you ask? The terrible Changing Monster Yevil! (known around the Light World as The Evil C.M.Y! They are so evil that they can bend words just so they can have "evil" in their names!). Their objective? Turn the Light World into complete chaos! How does our hero fight such powerful and terrible (Y)evil forces? Their main weakness, Color Combination! (...or CC for short). The C.M.Y are highly sensible to waves of light, causing them to be easily manipulated by color somatory. Our hero has the ability to change his frequency waves to shoot the enemy's complementary color-wave, causing them to Blackout! (their light values go to 0! like, 3 times 0,0,0). Run around Light World, Jump on Neon Ads, Shoot Enemies, Fight (Y)Evil, all in days work of LightBoy, Savior of Lights!
Jam year: 
Lost library card
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Blender for Moddeling and Rigging Krita for Design and Art FL Studio for Soundtrack and Effects MS Paint for Amazing after editing
Installation Instructions: 

- Extract files
- Run .exe


-Game Design-
Fernando Pessoa
Germano Pessoa
Guilherme Dieb

-Modelling and Character Creation-
Guilherme Dieb

-Rigging and Animation-
Fernando Pessoa

-Level Design-
Germano Pessoa

-Soundtrack and Sound Effects-
Marta Andrade
Fernando Pessoa

Leonardo Vaz

-Sponsor and Special Thanks-
Helba Sobreira
Tooby, The Amazing Poodle
You, for reading all this <3

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