My First Summer Job

You play as a life guard trying out for his very first summer job! Its your responsibility to save people from the water, look out for someone waving for help! You move the left foot with A and the right foot with D, to walk, you must alternate between holding down A and D. To climb up the ladder of the life guard tower, you must use your hands, which are controlled by left and right mouse button. As with your legs, you must alternate between the buttons. To swim, you must combine the two techniques mentioned above, use your legs to swim up, and your hands to paddle forward. Protip! Press and hold the buttons to the beat of the music for optimal movement! Press F to toggle binoculars, press S to poop wherever you are, and E is the interact button, an E icon will be shown when applicable. When someone is out in the water, waving for your help, you must swim out and get them! When you come back to shore, it's time for some CPR, you must do it to the beat of the music (is visualized). If you miss more than 10 beats, your victim will die, but if you're able to save him, you'll be rewarded with money! And what do you need the money for? Food of course! This game also involves resource management, you have food, bladder, breath and general health. Important to keep them in balance or else you will die a horrible death! Watch out for rogue poops, you might end up eating them.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Bård Harald Røssehaug

Øyvind Heddeland Instefjord

Lars Solli Hagen


Visual Design/Animator/3D Modelling:

Joakim Pakkala

Game Stills: