Muscle Rush

Yet another platformer game... This time boosted with EMG measurement by Myontec Mbody.
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MS Windows
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Visual Studio, C#, .NET, empty Windows Forms project.
Installation Instructions: 

Download and unzip installer for Microsoft Windows PC's.

- Windows 10
- .NET Framework 4.5.2
- Bluetooth
- Myontec Mbody product to control game with muscles (

- If playing with Mbody, discover and pair MCell measurement device from Windows Bluetooth settings
- When starting the game, select device from list (Bluetooth name starts with MbM-####)
- Keyboard can be used as an alternative

- Use your leg muscles and JUMP to make your avatar to jump
- UP arrow key to jump
- RETURN to restart
- ESC to exit the game


Graphics - Arttu
Music - Mikki
Coding - Petri

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