MoodWaves is an abstract game where the character is just a simple dot on the screen. This is a very introverted dot that does not like other dots entering its personal space. Over time, the dot will become more frustrated and the circle indicating the dots personal space will grow. The player has to avoid other dots entering the character's personal space before the character becomes depressed.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: photoshop
Installation Instructions: 

You need unity to be able to open the source files.

Unzip the file and choose where to save it to.

Open unity and choose to open a new project.

Click the unzipped folder ONCE. Do not open it! Press ok.

After the project compiles, you should be able to play it and make the changes to it that you want.


Programmers: Kaya Karlsen, Paul Wilhelmsen, Magnus Sigvartsen

Visual effects and some art: Magnus Sigvartsen, Paul Wilhelmsen

Idea and some art: Hedda Kverndalen, Frida Evelyn Arntsen

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Source files: