The game is about two player competing in a game where both of them create an attack wave that is send to the opponent and make him lose lifes. In order to defend the opponent's wave the player can strike down mobs of the wave via third person combat. Every mob belongs to one of four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air). The amount and strength of mobs of a certain element type is determined by the player. Each player has element points to choose how strong a certain element in his next wave should be. The more points the player spends in an element, the more and stronger the mobs will be. Element Points are gained by a regular income each round or by killing mobs of a certain element type. A player's avatar will get stronger against a certain element type each time he kills an enemy of this element type. Each player will get an income of element points each round based on the amount of points spend on this element type. The first one who has leaked 10 mobs will be declared the loser.
Jam year: 
Game Legacy
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
we used blender for the 3d modeling, photoshop and substance painter for textureing and vs comunity2015 for programming The sound were recorded in Audacity
Installation Instructions: 

Just open the zip and play the "Moink.exe"

WASD - Movement
Space - Attack

Arrowkeys - Movemen
Enter(numpad) - Attack

AD - move selector horizontaly
W - increase stat
S - decrease stat
Space - ready

Arrowkeys Left / Right - move selector horizontaly
Arrowkey UP - increase stat
Arrowkey Down - decrease stat
Enter (numpad) - ready


Thorsten "StanT" Schmiedel @tschm_ - Lead Programmer / Design

Fabian "Praaug" Schmitz @praaug - 3D Art / Sound-|UI-Programmer / Design

Die Rash @dieRash - UI Art / Music / Soundeffects / Design

Anna Brinkmann -Textures / Design

Game Stills: