Microwave Alchemist

Finally! An opportunity to engage in the mysterious art of Alchemy! Get ready to spend a considerable amount of time in your home laboratory in your quest to make gold out of ordinary (and not so ordinary) items. Buy items from the online shop at the right of the screen, but please be aware of your economic situation. Reaching $ 0 means Game Over. Pay attention to the elemental composition of items and combine them with the hope of making gold! All elements have negative, neutral or positive amounts of Earth, Water and Fire. To make gold you need to combine items resulting in positive amounts of all three. Please observe the increased cost of running the microwave oven depending on the number of items you put in it. Also, the risk of an alchemical explosion increase the higher the absolute value of your combined items is. Climb in levels on your path toward the honorable rank of Alchemist Supreme! Good luck! Compositus Emeritus Leopold Hargrave - Alchemist Supreme
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Chipping In
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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