Manda Nudes

Manda nudes is the equivalent in english to send nudes, and de main story is about a digital postman that have to send the nudes trough a firewall wave stage. The game play is based in a real time interaction of 2 players, the first player go as a postman that run through the waves made by the second player, to send nudes and get points, and the player 2 gos as a firewall security guy that create a wave level to break the “nude”mensage Manda nudes is a platform multiplayer mobile game with 8 bits art and sound.
Jam year: 
Chipping In
Lost library card
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 

Manda Nudes development team:

Game designer: Lucas Barros de Andrade

Programer: Renan Felix Rodrigues

Sound designer: Eddie Herson

Grafic designer: Susiane Viana dos Santos 

Consept designer: Eduardo Nunes

Software used:

Construct 2 to code, and Krita to grafic designer.

Game Stills: 
Source files: