Mahalo Bay

This is a two player surfing game, played locally.The aim is to stabilise the surfboard so that you don't fall off while trying to surf as far as possible. *Background Story*: From a very young age two European Surfer Boys heard about a legendary surf board in Hawaii. This is the longest board in the world and must be used by two people surfing together. One day they decided to go on a quest to find it. They finally arrived at Mahalo Bay where a friendly local was happy to let them try the board. And that is exactly what you have to do now! Good luck!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
C++ using SFML and Box2D
Installation Instructions: 

It is unfortunatly quite dirty but you have to find SFMLTest which is the executable and then you can play ;)


Justus Schiel : Programming

Mascha Camino : Game Design

Felix Szczesny : Game Art

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