Lullaby of Life

Music is the key you need to create and protect life in this microscopic universe. Explore, discover, create and help flourish these defenseless creatures. Awaken, heal and protect the precursors that were, and with their wisdom create life as never seen before.   Global Game Jam 2017 Theme: WAVES
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Jam year: 
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Art Team

  • Juan Pablo Covarrubias
  • Ricardo García Paredes
  • Paulina Márquez
  • Josue Mancilla

Programming Team

  • Augusto Vázquez
  • Ricardo Ibarra

Game Design Team

  • Ovidio Escobedo
  • Edgar Hernández
  • Karina Lomeli


Special thanks to Lando Ibarra for sharing and drinking some coffes with us and thanks to Gabriela Delgadillo for helping us to upload our game!

Thanks to OneSky family!

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