Love Waves (Project LW)

* * * * Super Multiplayer Award of GGJHK 2017 * * * * “Love Waves” is a multiplayer game in which 4 players compete with each other to show off their guts in front of the WAVES to win the girls’ LOVE. • Each player controls one joystick, and control the movement of the character in same color. • Pick up different items in the beach to gain different score, the best player wins the girl. • Pick the Bomb-box to gain sound waves to push other away • Dodge the WAVES, don't get washed AWAY
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Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Artist/Animation: Benjamin Kwong, Eric Chan

Developers: Darren Lau, Eric Chan, Isaiah Tsoi

Game Designer/PM: Benjamin Kwong, Daniel Tsoi

Sound Designer: Daniel Tsoi

Game Stills: