Lazer Blazer

A simple puzzle game where the player constructs basic defences to protect themselves from waves of lasers approaching them from every direction. Gameplay involves resource collection and spending, strategic placement of structures and audio queue recognition. Tell your drones to harvest squares with right click, tell them to build walls with left click, cancel an order by middle clicking it. The aim is to survive the waves of lasers throughout the level.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Ewart Searle - Lead Designer - Marketing Director - Secondary 2D Artist - Sound Wizard - Wrote this Text

Warrick Searle - Lead Designer - Sarcasm Producer - Sibling - Placeholder Artist - Likes Monopoly

Roy Kirk - Lead Programmer - Vegan Superpowers - Laser Based Physics Expert - Does Art IRL

Mathew White - Lead Programmer - Hunter Main - Voted most likely to create Skynet

Zac Molyneux - Lead Programmer - Designer/Programmer Linguist - Dresses like an Artist - Owns too many board games

Anna - Lead Programmer - Actually Lead Artist - Master of the Shinobi Art, Quiet and Deadly - Still unsure whether she wants 2D or 3D

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