Just a Wave

This is a portrait mode tile-based game (meant for mobile). It's inspired by the idea of you escorting an enemy wave in a dungeon/tower defence game with you being just one wave that dies and gets replaced by another wave. Player has to guide a wave of 4 characters from the top to bottom of the screen. Player should avoid the void and traps that are present in each level. Each time a void or trap tile is touched the group loses a member (a life) until the whole team runs out of members. Each next level is started with the remaining amount of group members. Instructions: - Tap the light coloured tiles (neutral, directions) to select them. - Tap another tile or a void tile to let them switch places. - Create a path leading your wave of characters to the bottom exit.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Tim Haerkens: Programmer
Daphne Fontijn: Artist/Animator
Daniël Bonnet: Animator/Artist
Joel Sjouke: Game Designer

Audio from Newgrounds:
Menu: Hektikmusic - Dissonance
Game:  AxTekk - || Synthwave ||
              JDawg00100 - Neon

Game Stills: