IRON TIDE: Daltrond

Surfing and shooting had a son: IronTide. Kill a Titan before his psychedelic attacks and its swarm of minions kill you. Oh, did I say anything about metal waves and sh**tloads of bullets? And bullet time? Please note: Don't play it if you easily get seasick.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip and launch the .exe


Michele "Budello" Bertolini (Technical Artist)
Andrea Chiampo (Art Director, Concept Designer)
Francesco Guerra (Coder)
Riccardo Lasagno (Coder)
Sebastian Iordache (Coder)
Alessandro Salute (Game Designer)
Erika Accossato (2D Artist)
Ennio Caglià (2D Artist)
Maria Cheline Magsano (Web Designer)

Alessandro Elisei (Music)

Game Stills: