Inside the Deep

Inside the Deep is a game about an adventure of a men in search one of his loved ones, he struggles in a battle towards the Atlantis, a very powerful underwater city, destroyed by many monsters lurking around, so the player has to beat em up, he has a modified clarinet weapon, that shoots soundwaves too! Good Luck!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Technology Notes:, Gimp 2, Blender , Photoshop cs6, Coreldraw x6

Sérgio Kamada, made the music, and the sound effects.

Rodrigo Estevam, made the background and most of the art and level design.

Alexandre Aparecido da Silva and Gabriel Oberlarmino was part of the programming behind the game.

Wallace Venâncio made the Clarinet and modeled the Protagonist.


Game Stills: 
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