Harmony is a game about a pair of wave creators: Sound Girl and Light Boy. Sound Girl produces sound waves while Light Boy produces light waves. The two of them work together in harmony to last as long as they can with each other. Sound Girl and Light Boy have a binding relationship. They cannot get too far apart or they will split from each other. Likewise, they cannot get too close or they will become self destructive. They must maintain tempo and rhythm to keep their relationship strong. Along their journey together they will encounter obstacles that will destroy or hinder their relationship. In order to overcome them, they must work together to continue. Sound Girl can produce a sound wave to cleanse corrupt sound waves. She may also charge up a super sonic blast to move water particles. Light Boy can send out light ray waves to cleanse corrupt light ray waves. He can also charge up a laser light beam to make openings in walls. There are more obstacles in this world of waves, but it's up to you to keep the waves pure.
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The colour and the shape
Lost library card
MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Maya, Photoshop