Guppi: A Game Jam Project for Global Game Jam 2017 How to Play: Spacebar and arrow keys. Press W to start the game at the title scene. Nom or be Nommed: Eat the food on the screen. Avoid being hit by Eels. (Note: Eels have bugs as of this build). Description Gupi is a game about a little alien that lands in the ocean and gets its start in the world. Will it be a peaceful little friend to mankind or will it be a nasty little nuisance? You decide. Eat "healthy" food to grow a happy little alien. Eat "Nasty" food to grow a pesky little beast. But watch out! Cause the Eels are also hungry but not for earth food. Our little extraterrestrial friend makes a good afternoon snack. Bugs and Upcoming Features: Collision detection for eels Populating more eels "Nasty" food Pesky Alien Friendly Alien Death Scene Levels Credits Design Veronica Rivera @justvcreative Roberto Rivera @Th3ba1r0n Development Alicia Sims @alikeebee Veronica Rivera @justvcreative
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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PhaserJS, HTML5


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