This is a 2D infinite swimming game for the mobile platforms in which the main hero falls in love with a mermaid and tries to catch her in the sea. Our hero can be controlled by waves that are generated by clicking onto the screen. In the game there are obstacles like giant red fishes as well as shields and oxygene bubbles to help him during his quest. If our hero is out of oxygene, the game will be over.
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Lost library card
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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The .zip folder contains all of the Unity files of the game. In order to play it, the files must be opened via Unity. After opening the source files in Unity, it can be converted to .apk and played in Android systems.


Elif Altun and Burcu Ayaroğlu - Graphics

Hakan Soyözen and Can Bayraktarkatal - Software

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