Greed, Misery and a Bottle of Rum

You are a survivor of a shipwrecked pirate ship. The incident was caused by bad choices made by ''certain'' pirates on the ship. You find yourself alone, ashore on an uninhabited island. However, you will shortly discover that you are not the only survivor - to your devastation you can see the ones who caused this havoc on the neighbouring islands! The shorelines of the islands share the same waters, influenced by periodical tidal waves. Washed up resources are revealed during low tide and all uncollected are washed away again at high tide. Some out to sea, and some - to add insult to injury - to your fellow pirates. Your task is to collect these resources and take them up to higher ground to build and upgrade your shelter, and ultimately construct a raft to leave the island and take the washed up treasure with you!
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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This game is print and play:

  • Rules: There are two sets of files prepared to print the same rules in different ways.


    Print this rulebook if you want the rules on separate papers. Remember that they are sized A5! If you want a booklet, see the next paragraph.


    Print this rulebook if you want a small booklet of the rules. Print double-sided (over long edge) on A4 paper in landscape mode. The pages are ordered in such a way, that if stacked and folded on the middle, they make up a small book.

  • Cards: Print the cards on A4 paper or board and cut them out. If you use thin paper, we recommend keeping the cards in plastic sleeves. Thicker paper or cardstock is recommended to make the cards less see-through.

  • Box: Adjust your printers print area to make sure you print the box at (at least) 100 % scale (A4). Cut the top and bottom of the box along the outermost black lines. Fold in the triangular corners. Fold along all lines. Use tape or glue to keep the box together.

  • Boards: For the boards, we also recommend somewhat thicker paper or cardstock. Print the page as an A4, and fold along the middle to fit them into the box.

  • Game pieces: Download the stl-files and open them with the 3D-printer software. Colour is up to you. If you don't have access to a 3D-printer, you can use other markers instead.


Team Buena Onda

Game Design

  • Anders Forsman
  • Christoffer Fridlund
  • Christina Lassheikki
  • Göran Maconi
  • Tom Olander
  • Matteo Spiri

Illustration & Graphics Design

  • Christina Lassheikki

3D Modeling & Additional Graphics

  • Göran Maconi
Game Stills: