Good Vibes on Waves

Spread good vibes, make everyone's day ! Good Vibes on Waves is a physical card set which leads to a texting/tweeting game. Your goal is to make smile as many people as possible :) We handcrafted our own stamps to design an original deck of cards, on which is written a nice message meant to make anyone feel good. That could be a compliment, a love declaration... We then went outside and distributed these cards among the crowd in Paris. Everyone now has to send these uplifting messages to a friend, but... they must use emojis to make them guess what they meant! Then it will be their turn to send cards and compliments. A printable card template is provided here, and you'll be able to write your own messages inside! If you've got any funny card idea, or just want to tell us how you feel about this game, tweet it to us (@ThemGames) with the hashtag #GoodVibesOnWaves.
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Simon Albou
Oscar Barda
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Amélie Lebleu

Translated to Portuguese and Spanish by Océane Verchère - Thank you!

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