Giuseppe, The Greatest Equilibrist Alive

It's needless to say how great an equilibrist the world-famous Giuseppe is. Support him while he executes his bravest stunt so far! Scream your way through the game (keyboard also available), helping Giuseppe avoid obstacles such as stray circus talent while entertaining the audience. If the audience gets too bored, you'll lose, so get bonuses to cheer them up. And if you're brave enough, face the deadly FIRE RING! O____O You never had such a thrill! Good luck! And buy some ginger chews, just in case. CONTROLS: Scream into the microphone to make Giuseppe, the Greatest Equilibrist Alive, jump. Scream louder to jump higher (personal recommendation: try screaming "GIUSEPPEEEE" for deeper immersion). If your throat is too sore (or you don't want to scare your family), you can also hold the space bar to charge the jump gauge.
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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