Frack The Planet

You! Take this Fractor-Driller and drive around this planet [← →]. Scan for valuable deposits underground with the GeoSonar [space]. They're worth money--the bigger the better! When you've found one, stick that drill into it [↓ ↑] and get pumping [space]! Don't stop pumping even for an instant or you'll have to start again [hold space]--we don't get paid unless every last atom of the gas in a deposit is pumped out! Oh, and try to avoid running over those pesky protestors--those lawsuits are expensive! Well, what are you waiting for? Our competitors will be here in a minute! There's no time to waste! Get fracking!
Jam year: 
Chipping In
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Made with Löve and love.
Installation Instructions: 

The latest version (with post-game-jam bugfixes) can be downloaded from

To run the executable:

  • Windows: run win64/fracktheplanet.exe (for 64-bit Windows) or win32/fracktheplanet.exe (for 32-bit Windows)
  • macOS or OS X: run macos/Frack the — you will probably need to right-click on it and choose Open from the menu to run it the first time.
  • Linux: install Löve 0.10.2 from and use it to run linux/

To run the source:


Team Wrangling / First Casualty
Aaron Dron

Civil & Industrial Engineering
Aidan Dodds

Geological Subduction
Andy Durdin

Crowd Control
David Farrell

Seismic Imaging
Gordon Brown

Infrastructure / Second Casualty
Luke Drummond


Intrepid Polar Expedition
Gordon Brown, David Farrell, Aidan Dodds