Fluctus is a space shooter where the goal is to eliminate the enemy at the intersection of 2 waves. If an enemy is hitted by 2 waves simultaneously it will be killed. The goal is to kill all enemies to advance to the next level. If you touch an enemy ship you die. If you leave the screen you die. The waves your co-player throws will move your ship. So continous shooting will move you to the edge of the screen. You are able to choose between 4 different ship types. They all have different settings. Some are fast and light but react heavily to waves. Others are heavy and will not be impacted by the co-players waves but are heavy to steer. CONTROLS: This game is normally controlled with Xbox controllers. But it can also be controlled with a keyboard. For Player One: Left, Right = A,D Thrust = W Confirm and Fire waves = Left Ctrl. For Player Two: Left, Right = Left arrow, Right arrow Thrust = Up arrow Confirm and Fire = Right Ctrl.
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