E.M. Wave Jammer

This is the world's first telephone game in Global Game Jam! **Intelligence** According to our intelligence, North Korea is using advance electromagnetic waves technology for sending signals to Cuba. They are plotting to attack Japan. Commander of telecommunication department, you are to interfere with their signals. **Commander's Handbook** Commander, for the ease of command, we have divided our country into 6 zones. The electromagnetic waves from North Korea will propagate via zone 1, zone 2, zone 3, zone 4, zone 5, zone 6, all the way to Cuba. Commander, you are to use our limited electricity to install jammers. Electricity are only used when the jammer is being built. The more electricity you use, the more powerful it is. Commander, the non-interfered electromagnetic waves signals will end up being useful information. We must prevent the information transmitted to reach 100% at all cost. Commander, for the sake of sustainable development, we strongly recommend you to build electromagnetic waves power generator within these 6 zones. They generate electricity when the electromagnetic waves is passing through its zone. The generator, generates as much electricity, as the electricity you spent when you build it. Commander, each zone can only have a structure. Structures can be replaced, but could not be sold. Commander, the fate of Japan is on your hand. **Joining the Army** To play the game before 22th January 2017 GMT+8 please dial +852 5483 9953. I will migrate this game to another phone number later on. Please check https://sadale.net for updates. Since we have one telephone line only, every player has a daily gameplay quota. Callers with international phone numbers need Skype to dial the number to play this game. That's because we reject international calls to save our operational cost
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Technology Notes: 
Playable via telephone service by dialing a phone number. A GSM modem is used for the server. I developed this telephone system for something else, which totally has nothing to do with game development. For future collaboration, please contact me via the email shown in https://sadale.net
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See README.TXT inside the source file.


Wong Cho Ching - Game design, programming, sound effects synthesization, sound recording

**Software Used**
Python - Programming language
Audacity - Recording and remixing
LabChirp - Sound synthesization
LMMS - For synthesizing the "no energy" sfx
Sox - Downsampling the music and sounds
Espeak-ng - Text to speech software

**Special Thanks**
Department of Electrical Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for sponsoring the hardware parts

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