Echo Within

Echo Within is a First person horror game where the player has lost most of their vision, after having their eye sewn shut as a result of inhumane experiments. Using echo location players must rely on the sound waves emitted by various objects throughout the environment. Sound waves create echoes that partially reveal parts of the environment to the player that they must then use to work out the correct path through the level. There will be objects that the player can can find in the environment which can be used to generate new temporary echoes that will help with exploration. Players assume the role of a Asylum patient that had been sectioned years ago after been falsely declared insane following an incident that resulted in the death of their family, which should have been enough send anyone insane. The case was never solved, but there was a strong case for, having you sectioned from a number of parties. At the time none questioned where the evidence came from that was pointing towards your insanity. After months of false accusations and multiple hearings you were sectioned and sent to The Echoing Asylum. The asylum was rather remote and got little to no natural light, that combined with the solitary confinement led to the natural degradation of your site.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Game was built using Unity
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip folder and run exe


Jonathon Wilson - Game Design 

Torger Nærland - Artist

Max Charnock - Programmer

Liam Wilson - Programmer

Simon James - Sound design 

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