Down with this sort of thing!

The people are restless, the riot police have been deployed. One side has to disrupt the police by yelling slogans. The other side has to hold the line. Down with this sort of thing is a two player game about protesting. One side controls the police, the other controls the protestors. The protestors must chant slogans into the microphone, which produces a soundwave. The police must trace across the soundwave with their mouse. Bonus bubbles appear sometimes, players must quickly press the right key to earn bonus points.
Jam year: 
Lost library card
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

The Team

  • Adrian Abela

  • Jasper Schellekens

  • Mario Debono

  • Pavel Savchenko

  • Tudor Vaida

The Chanters

  • Chelsea Sciortino
  • Claire Cauchi
  • Fleur Sciortino
  • Johnathan Harrington
  • Suus De Kock
  • Yasmin Cachia (Ġiżmina)

Thanks to

  • Tall Guy

Special Thanks to

  • Katarzyna Redesiuk
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