Don't Kill The Hero

“Dearest JADE KNIGHT, I TIRE of this DANCE. This dance of GOOD versus EVILLLL. Come to my CASTLE on the night of the BLOOD RED MOONNN. The gates will be OPEN, and we’ll DANCE a FINAL time… and THEN… I’ll have you for DINNERRR.” The Dark Lord sits upon his throne and waits for his sworn nemesis, the Green Knight. He sends his monsters and greatest warriors to fight the Green Knight, while the Green Knight fights through the castle to reach him. However, the Dark Lord does not want the hero to perish before they get to him. His minions, the Terrible Trio, don't intend to let the hero meet him unless they can defeat them in combat. As such, the Dark Lord must send enemies for the hero to defeat and level up with, so that they might be strong enough to defeat the Terrible Trio and confront the Dark Lord.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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