Dog Save the Queen

A queen must keep up her appearances, and this particular queen has a full day ahead of making others happy, waving at fans, and avoiding hordes of monsters. This is Dog Save the Queen, a 1-3 player game where players control a queen, her bodyguard, and her driver. The queen waves at her various loyal subjects, the bodyguard fights off legions of monsters, and the driver avoids running into monsters and other obstacles on the road. Dog save the queen. While Dog Save the Queen is a 1-3 player game, we RECOMMEND playing with at least 2 people -- it gets harder the less people you have! If you like a challenge, try performing all three tasks with just two hands!
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Jam year: 
To me, to you
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity, Adobe Photoshop, CLIP Studio Paint
Installation Instructions: 

Zip contains both Windows .exe and Mac .app files. You will need the _data folder for the windows version as well, so make sure to unzip the whole thing!



  • Wyatt Johnson: Programming, Game Design, QA
  • Lou “Cdra” Carroll: Programming, Game Design, Engine Manip
  • Lacey “Generic” Carroll: 2D Assets, Character Design, Video Editing
  • Taylor Guillot: 2D Assets, Character Design, UI Design
  • Mitchell Hunter: 2D Assets, Character Design
  • Henry Harrison: Game Design, Sound Design, Team Mom
Game Stills: