Into the Dead Zone

An abandoned facility from a forgotten dimension. No one dares to enter its darkness. Except you, you brave. There are no lights into there, fortunately you've got your pulse emitter to detect enemies and traps. But be careful, maybe there is something more out there... [ Joystick controller required! ]
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender, FMOD, GitHUB
Installation Instructions: 

This is a Unity3D project, so all you have to do is unzip the file and then open Unity. Select "Open Project" and search for the unzipped folder location. When the project is imported, you will be able to make a BUILD of it and get an executable.


Fábio Ribeiro - Project lead, level design, development

Daniel Olaizola - Level design, character design, 3D artist

Jordi Sala - Level design, prop design, 3D artist

Josep Llistosella - Development, music composer

Pau Aza - Development, gameplay development

Game Stills: