The Dark Cavern

The Dark Cavern is a game that involves Scuba Steve using your Sonic Vibration Gun to counter act the slow displacement of water. Hello, Global Game Jam! Donoven Dansberry here at, for the most of us, our first Game Jams. I've had the pleasure of working with David Turner, Jeremy Stumbaugh, Marque Hudspeth, Scott Cacioppo, Victor Hughes, and Zachari Barnes. With the theme of GGJ being "Waves" we came up with the concept of a game called "The Dark Cavern". During its development we found some unique challenges that we were able to overcome. But onto the game. The Dark Cavern follows our character Scuba Steve and his Sonic Wave Gun in traversing the underwater platformer. Your tools in this adventure with Scuba Steve are the ability to Walk left and right, jump, duck and fire the Sonic Wave Gun in a normal fire and a Charged shot that can alter the behavior of enemies or locking them in a bubble for Steve to use as a temporary platform. Not only that but the Sonic Wave Gun has a propulsion system designed to push you in the opposite direction of fire that may be used for travel. In the platformer we have two enemies, Character, Submarine, Background, Splash Screens, music for our Menus and Gameplay, and sound effects for our gunfire. We are all glad we could group together here at Global Game Jam and create a game!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We've learned a lot throughout this process, through problem resolution. All of the images that were not created by us were found on the webite. Under the public domain copy write. Controls on Keyboard Movement: W = Jump A = Move Left S = Crouch D = Move Right Space tap = Fire Shift + Space = Charged Shot
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the zip file and run the .exe


Design/Project Management: Donoven Dansberry

Programming: David Turner

Programming: Jeremy Stumbaugh

Music Design: Marque Hudspeth

Design/Art/Sound Effects/Project Management: Scott Cacioppo

Character Art: Victor Hughes

Programming: Zachari Barnes

Source files: