The game is about defending yourself from accusations in court and finding the real culprit. The mystery involves allergic reactions, a sandwich and serious dance moves. The game is played using the arrow keys. You press the up-key to the rythm(on the yellow lines) while the witness explains what he saw. You can press the down key at the last beat of a sentance to present evidence contradicting it, the last beat is always marked with a green and red arrow signaling that you can press up or down. Be sure to press it on the line where the sentence you're objecting to ends.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Sibelius, Audacity, Gimp 2, Paint, Word (for wordart, yes, we're that ghetto when it comes to graphical design), FLstudio.
Installation Instructions: 

double click executable


Håkon Kleppe Normann - concept, story, management, SFX, editing

Odd-Kjetil Aamot Dahl - concept, programming, story

Johannes Edblom - photography, editing

Jostein Risto - photography, music


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