Da Buoys

An asymmetric multiplayer versus game, where one player plays as the Nefarious Fisherman, and the other player plays as the Almighty Poseidon. The Fisherman has trespassed his boat into a restricted no-fishing zone making Poseidon very angry, to the extent of dropping sea creatures at the boat. However if the sea creatures were to land on the boat, they would only add to the fisherman's profits. Therefore in order to stop the fisherman, the fish instead must be dropped nearby the boat to create waves that can topple the vessel. Player 1 plays as Poseidon and uses [W,A,S,D] to move their beam of power, press [SPACE] to drop the sea creatures and use them to create those waves. Player 2 plays as the Fisherman, using the [ARROW-KEYS] to avoid Poseidon's waves and survive within the time limit, but also taking risks at catching some of Poseidon's creatures. If the fisherman catches enough, the fisherman will win the game.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Run .exe, source files on github.


Arran Davis
Ben Anderson
Ben Mitchell
Jeff Mincheng Mu

John Bu

We Da Buoys.

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