Cuttle scouts

"We found a map to an underwater treasure, hop on this submarine and don't come back until you have it." Also, you can talk to cuttlefish now. The map on the bottom right gives your objective's position, but not yours. When you win, the wrong screen appears, sorry about that. The enemy whales can clip you, but kinda stop hurting you then. welcome your newfound friend. Cuttlefish love large sunken ships, and will not even try to attack an enemy when near one. Also, you cannot pause. Cuttle Souls is the new hype. Finally, the map has awkward borders, you might hate them, know they love you. In a weird way. Email Pedro (contact in the .zip) to send your complains or love letters.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Sound recorder with Audacity Music made with garageband A few open sounds were used Graphs made with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Draw

Team Les va-nu-pieds de compet'


Brice Maret - Coding, music and sounds, gargling to kill boredom, cuttlefish admirer.

Camille Rattoni - Graphic design, animation, plague survivor, cuttlefish idolizer.

Hugo Dupraz - Coding, math consulting, pun expert, cuttlefish fan.

Pedro Reis - Game design, todo-listing, plush leader, cuttlefish disciple.

Robin Pétermann - Coding, music, snoring adept, cuttlefish worshipper.

Sophie Aellen - Graphics design, self underestimater, cuttlefish groupie.


So long, and thanks for all the pizza !


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