Creature Tunes

Critter tunes is about creating music by taming and befriending creatures in a world of desolation. All these creatures have their own repertoire of sounds which can be used together to create melodies and rhythms. The player walks around in an interesting and awe-inspiring environment, looking for more creatures to befriend. The game uses point and click mechanics to travel through the world, and will give the player the possibility to explore and unlock new areas and creatures as they continue their adventure.
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Lost library card
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
FL Studio + Audacity VOManager Krita Paint Tool SAI Clip Studio Paint MoHo
Installation Instructions: 

Have Unity 5.5 installed. Navigate to the Assets folder, then the Scenes folder, and open any scene file in the folder. This should open the project in the editor for you.


Fredrik Espedal
Martin Sandberg
Marius Stubberud
Benjamin Skinstad
Susanne Selvarajah
Isabel Hammergren
Oda Nordhagen

Nicki Rapp

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