Clippy's New Job

Remember Clippy? Well, it turns out he has gotten a new job as a back spring in the plunger of a pen. One day due to a clumsy human, Clippy fell from the pen. Help Clippy find the way back to his workstation before it is too late. Use his ability to jump and bounce all around and get inside the RED CUP before his pen boss gets there. Hopefully Clippy avoids more damage to his reputation.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
There's a 64 and 32 bit version for Windows, Linux and a Web Version. Tools: - Blender - 3dStudio 2017 - Audacity - Visual Studio Express 2015 - MonoDevelop
Installation Instructions: 

Play Online (Firefox/Chrome/Safari):

Download link for OSX: 


Download link for Win:

32 bits / x86:

- http://!FYgnBSoT!eigyhkSfd2533OHqUlwFozZUVQ7BqgH_G3ZRTZwabrA

64 bits / x64

- http://!dQpjgKLb!wZn4eToZ5t4dbpYKx8IXJs945HrH35gxdGBozF5bN6s


Donwload link for Linux:

32 bits / x86:

- http://!JUoUhaxY!1Ar5bpeXD_b1RyD4YJbwUneFlPKpT4LGeXPIzWZPT4g

64 bits / x64



Donwload link for Android (APK):




Alex Hans – Programmer / Sound Effects
Rodrigo Gómez – Programmer / Animator
Rafael Abayay – 3D Artist
Antonio Martinez – Game Designer / Level Design
Joaquin Romero - Music

Game Stills: