Welcome to Calamacity, a sleepy island town whose happy residents are under siege by constant and bizarre disasters! This game is a rogue-like city-builder where you face off against Waves of Waves. Manage resources and grow your island city against traditional calamities like Tidal Waves and more obscure occurrences like deadly Waves of Cats! The city begins with a base level amount of happiness. Each disaster reminds the citizens why they should move away. Run out of happiness, and the game is over! Upgrade your buildings to improve resource generation and produce the ultimate building to make everyone more happy. Use Red building structures to protect against certain types of disasters, but this resource only regenerates slowly over time.
Jam year: 
Lost library card
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Brian Cronin
Progamming, Design

Ingo Duarte
Music and Sound FX

Selam Kebede
Music and Sound FX

Kevin Holmes
Design and Art: Voxel buildings, icons

John Treviranus
Design and Art: Voxel buildings, world

Christian Strohm
Design, sound programming

Ray Hernandez
Title screen artwork

Game Stills: 
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