A musical game focused on composing the most beautiful and natural sounding music known to man: pure cacophony, and chaos. Cacophony is a game focusing on "musical" sounds overlayed on one another, as you go from instrument to "instrument". Artistically, Cacophony is a cut-paper art-style, being inspired by Henri Matisse's cut paper works. For other inspirations, structurally, the game is inspired by switching mini-game based games, like Wario-Ware. How to Play: Use the Up and Down arrow keys to switch bars for different sounds, use the space bar to add a sound to the layer of the looping song.
Jam year: 
Old Masters
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 

Samuel Leigh - Programmer

Jerry Bellone - Logo Designer & Game Artist

Josh Weinberg - Sound Design

Giovanni Gagliano - Game Artist

Jelani Haynes-Prescott - Concept Artist

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