Byzantine Prize

Each player has a fleet of boats in order to secure the treasures of the Byzantine Triangle. The different vessels and hovering inventions have different speed and rotation and carrying capacity in order to acquire the treasure that is scattered around the map. Steering your vessels to avoid each other and carry your treasure is simple. If only it wasn't for the territorial sentient tidal waves which are keen to see every ship sunk in their glorious triangle. Can you successful survive the triangle and bring home the gold? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES (still being refined) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Each player has a fleet of vessels of different numbers. - Each vessel has a carrying capacity (small holds less) - Each vessel has a speed (paddle boat and bromine are higher speed) Players start with their ships on one side of the board and must get off an opposite of the board to survive. The board has locations where treasure tokens are randomly placed face down. They are each worth between 2-5 gold. There is a higher amount of treasure in the middle of the map. Each turn the player moves all their units forward to the maximum range that unit can move. At the end of their movement they may rotate left of right one hex angle (60 degrees). If vessels move through where another vessel this round they are considered to have crash and both sink. When a vessel sinks it leaves all its carried treasure in that location behind. After both players move the Waves move as well. They rotate after each forward movement and move towards the nearest vessel with ties broken by the larger vessel. Any collision between the wave and a vessel will sink the vessel. The game ends when any player has their last vessel sunk or a player has their last vessel survive (reach other side) ---------------- Things unfinished ------------------ - Wave model creation - Movement and carrying capacity icons - Potentially cards for each unit per player to have a random selection of starting vessels and each turn.
Jam year: 
Old Masters
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Game Design: Wez

Artwork/Illustration: Wez

Graphic Design: Wez


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