BugHole Revolutions

After the catastrophical nuclear events of 2015 where we asked ourselves "What do we do now?" and the 2016 continuation with BugHole Reloaded where killing mutated bugs became a ritual, we are now facing The Third Wave in BugHole Revolutions, the long anticipated, and not necessarily concluding chapter of BugHole, where a team of brave soldiers enters the intestines of the mutated bug that threatens the city of Tokyo in order to drop a bomb close to its heart. Be prepared for an adventurous multiplayer ride with thrilling turns and exciting flight and fight action.
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To me, to you
MS Windows, Android device
Technology Notes: 
No engines used. Tools: Blender, Eclipse, Android Studio, Substance Painter, Quixel. Programming languages: Java, Python (Blender add-ons). Hardware: Android Tablets and Phones.

Hoshi: Assets, Game Graphics Engine

Niklaz: Assets

Winternoise: Server Connectivity

LordOrsten: Assets

ewerspej: Tools, Server stuff

Game Stills: