Players use their phones as controllers, connecting to remote URL (no installation required). It will display a screen specific to each player, allowing them to choose orders for their robot. Orders correspond to a movement the robot should do on the board. The player must choose 5 moves out of 8 on his phone. Each order will require the player to reproduce an electric signal with his finger within 2 seconds. The precision of the reproduction will affect the priority of the order against other players. Too low precision will invalidate order and choose a random one instead. When all players are satisfied with their orders, the board will apply orders one after the other regarding priority. The board will finally process environement moves (conveyors, rotating plateforms, lasers). At this point the game will loop asking players to issue orders until one robot crosses all checkpoints on the board.
Jam year: 
Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This project is unfinished but shows great potential in it's concept. It involves connecting mobile webapps written in JavaScript along with PhaserJS to a NodeJS server. This server is connected to the board game written in Unity using TCP/IP Socket. Board is multithreaded and process asynchronously events from the server.
Installation Instructions: 

This project requires NodeJS installed on your machine.

Run the following commands within the source folder of the server:

- "npm install" : Install project dependencies

- "npm run build" : Build the mobile client

- "npm start" : Run the server and expose mobile client over localhost:8080

Finally, open the BotRace unity client release and you should be up and running.


Benjamin Delamarre (@D34THWINGS) <[email protected]> Developper PhaserJS
Frederic Alcide (@Fred-Saru) <[email protected]> Developper Unity
Océane Landry (@Gingerfire) <[email protected]> Sound Recorder
Clément Delamarre (@TheFallenWorld) <[email protected]> Graphic designer

Game Stills: 
Source files: