Boom Boom Mushrooms

Boom boom mushrooms is a local multiplayer combat arena where the player aims to push the enemy player off the arena with the use of his shockwave, inflicting damage and pushing them away from them. Players can jump to avoid being hit by the shockwave. When the player moves or createsa shockwave he also paints the floor under him, the more the player has painted the bigger and stronger the shockwave is. If the floor is shockwaved too much, the floor will break until it respawns again.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used Unity, Photoshop, Shuriken particle system, Trello, Sony Vegas, Zbrush and Maya.
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The game is only playable with joystick controllers in windows computers, made in unity.


Arists: Rick Vervuurt, Medelina Naniu, Julian Hofman, Hellen van Kekem

Designers: Alvaro Latova, Thomas Schut, Roelof Elsman

Programmers: Eric Stuurwold, Joren Bolhuis

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